Deal Breaker

by Vnarves



released August 14, 2016



all rights reserved


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Vnarves (Joe Vnuck) Toledo, Ohio

My name is Joe Vnuck and I've been making music since I was five years old. I play the bass, keyboard, Guitar and drums although like Kirby is my main in smash bros, guitar is where most of my current song ideas are composed. You'll find that throughout my discography I have dabbled in garage rock, hip-hop, folk and psychedelic styles and have been in bands besides Vnarves. YouTube, souncloud me! ... more

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Track Name: Blurred Eye Blind
I'm falling on the line, falling on the line for you
But I can't see no more and I can't see no more
Everything is blurry and the blurry lines, everything is merging together
As I'm trying to look up, but my eyes keep dragging me down, my eyes keep holding me down as I try to look to you for help and I'm trying to look to you for help
but I can't see anymore, I can't see right or wrong, I can't sing this song
If only one more day would pass and I could see it again
and I could see between the lines of this never ending story
Track Name: Toronto Smuggler
Piles of green taint my seat with olfactory seep
from a tree, from a seed, all the way to me
over the border, I am the contra
I bring the order
sedate your thoughts
take a good look at yourself
After we've made our covenant
Smuggling and trucking away all my time
in my foggy life
piercing the mist every once and a while to see if you're alright
Do I make people happy?
My cake in this alien land leaves a trace to me, always
I guess it's really who I am
Who this substance makes you wanna be, feel?
So give me a star child
I want to see you smile
So give me a star child
So give me a star child
I want to see you smile
Track Name: Needs
First Part: I don't need anything to do
second part: I Don't need someone to
Third part: I just need someone to
Track Name: Fortuitous
Oh, I need it all before I have a way to see the path in front of me
and you left it all, you left it all to chance and I know that I can do better
if I had the two hands I used to, to create, to create the works of art that I saw in my head to let you know I'm not dead, to let you know I'm not dead, to let you know I'm not dead and that I still see this world the same way, but a little darker with the hue of your face
and I'm not dead (many times)
Can you feel me, Can you feel me there? Feel me.
Track Name: Party
You have a nice car and the watch of your dreams.
Get the promotions until there's green up your sleeves.
Live like a king and see the world.
Flatter your girls with diamonds and pearls

And yet you go so hard, and you're never gonna slow, never gonna slow
Because you party so hard and you won't ever stop.
No, never gonna stop. No

You have friends, are they fake or real
Are they equals or are they at your heels?
Just one hit, or shot, or mile
At least they can make me smile

And yet you go so hard, and you're never gonna slow, never gonna slow
Because you party so hard and you won't ever stop.
Time stands still while the world continues counting down your days.
you still keep partying hard, feeling weaker everyday
And yet you go so hard, and you're never gonna slow, never gonna slow
Because you party so hard and you won't ever stop, because you can't ever stop.
You go so hard and you're never gonna slow
because you party so hard and you won't ever stop, nope, never gonna stop.
You're never gonna slow, never gonna slow
Track Name: Panic when I hold you
As the wind augments its gusts
Safe and sound and sticky on my gut
There is no savior coming to my aid
So I guess I must be covert and wait
Drenched in my own image
Procrastinating in the dark with no visage
Just the occasional bursts of exterior engines singing
Resonating thorough my window glass
The hash slashing dinging
Just the occasional bursts of exterior engines singing
The wind chill laments in falsetto
They dry on the skin that's oh so wet, oh
All contingencies in their own right
Too bad all nights are lost tonight
Phoenix was the day's host
Harmonizing keyboards haunt me like a ghost
A touch of sentimental sadness
Is there optimism or is there madness
I feel the joy as though it's six feet below
Blurry through the ripple of the water's glow
A mind half as profound, influenced in a cloud
Is more ready for knowledge than most are allowed
Flee into the night, Mila, and come to terms with you're fucked
The door you've opened into nature's purgatory, you were sucked
You grew up too fast and your luxury didn't last
You lost your only love as you turned your back
You took a chance too big and bet it all, but the tide turned and your mighty life began to fall
Oh, Mila, dear Mila, you're only a sign now
Mila, sweet Mila, I hope you once lived proud
Track Name: Bad Signs
Help me stay on top
help me float on the waves
lay me down to rest
lay me down
hold me by my chest
tell me you need some rest
hold me (?)
hold me to the ground
hold me on the bed
promise I'll never fall
If you don't hold me down, I'm no good at this
I'm no good at this, I just keep getting more pissed
Let me down or I'll let myself down
all the way to the ground
so hold me, if you want me here now
oh, let me make up my mind
or I will (always) have to pantomime all of these feelings that I have (Yeah, We'll see)
To the final moment, get the final token
The final mile stone (let me down)
Can it just be now?
Forever gone
hold me down
Track Name: Fight or Flight
I don't want to pretend anymore.
I don't want to pretend what's in store.
I just want your body because I'm programmed like a robot and I'm never going to change, because I can't.
You can call me a liar, you can call me heartless, do I have a conscience, yes, but it's dying.
I want nothing but for us to be happy, but not in a world where all we are is branding and money-loving cowards.
comparing penis size on facebook when we could keep it simple
swim in the water or look at the trees
but others will call us lazy, saying we can't do this, keep society fresh.
sustained and always working.
is the point to avoid the explosion of our sun that will happen?
Track Name: Back to Black
One step forward, two steps back into the black
and i cant do this no more
and I hate these fucking lyrics because writing them makes me so sore and bored
These stupid chords
I don't need this no more
I'm so sore yeah, yeah, yeah
and I never ever ever wanna see you again
in my head, in it always
Get out, get out, get out of my way
I don't have anything to say
and I'm hammering away yeah, yeah, yeah
get out, get out, get out
and I'm trying to use this, this medium to vent
but I can't, but I can't, I can't think straight
and no, it's going away, any hope today yeah
Make it end
'cause time is ticking down AHH
because no matter what we try to do, the clock just screws us
and back to the black is where I'm heading to
Track Name: Insignificant Pull on Me
I couldn't even tell that I was a lonely man. But I learned in the end
I don't want to say that I have one friend, a one man band.
I am digging in the sand for a gold of Sorts, I'm at a loss for words
Spell out what time you left
You left me at my best, and did I pass your test or was I a pest

My fingers blister to catch up with my soul.
Only through music can I be so bold
Before I grow old
And I try and fight the mold growing on my apathetic role
Insignificant pull

Deliver us please before it all collapses back into the rapture and we're all captured
A hole filled with children's toys and a life destroyed. Maybe freed from the void.
Just watch it go on forever, always tormenting, and always forgetting

My fingers blister to catch up with my soul.
Only through music can I be so bold
Before I grow old
And I try and fight the mold growing on my apathetic role
Insignificant pull

Pull, pull
Track Name: Go home, Wilfred
All that I want to do is go home (repeated many times)
Because I'm sitting here, waiting on nothing
Because if you think you're here long enough maybe something will show up
But that's not the way it is no, no, no
I'm sitting here making friends with the wall
while I'm playing guitar bouncing off nothing at all
do you think that my expectations were a little high?
while I'm playing this fucking song, I'm a little hot (let's go with that)
with a twinkle, twinkle in my eye
fading like the summer sky
because I'm sitting here, singing this song and I have nobody, no one to sing along
It's been a long, long time before I made another song
and I feel that the notes and the chords are all wrong
It's getting cold out these days and I know that none of you are heading out this way
and you promised me you were coming by, but who would want to see this lonesome guy
this three chord, simplified melody
was it in my mind? I just felt like playing some music instead of getting washed away in the superflux movements that make up this town
that make up the groundwork for this song
we got an A, we got a B, We got an E
What does it mean?
all the philosophy?
and it's all foreign to me, my brain.
Easier with everyday